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___not made to measure___

♥ we are doll parts ♥
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Heywo pretties! Welcome to my community for big grrls. ^_^

I'm Lexi and I'm the moderator around here. Anyone can join, although you do have to be approved by me first, which I'm sure I'll do! =)

I first created the community with big teenage girls in mind, but now interest has spread so I accept big grrls of all ages! However: no boys. Sorry, dollies, but that's the policy!

When you join up, please fill in the little form for us so we can see what you're all about. =D

Favourite band(s):
Favourite film(s):
Any role models?:
Photos (if you have any - if not, don't worry!):

I don't ask any awkward question about your opinions or anything, because

1) They're used on rating communities, and this is definitely NOT a rating community! This is simple somewhere for bigger grrls to meet and to chat. If you want to bring up a certain subject - say, politics - later on, that's fine, just not in the application!
2) I really don't mind how you feel about anything - except, of course, if you're not size accepting, in which case you'll be kicked out! - we're all different, and we're not all going to feel the same about everything. I don't want that to get in the way of what I ultimately want the community to do, which is to be a haven for bigger grrls.

Well, I've finished rambling! I hope it didn't put you off joining =D please, please apply. There is a 99.9999999% chance of me letting you in, just so long as you don't say anything bad about big grrls, or anyone else for that matter. That's the only rule I have, actually:

NO PREJUDICE! It will not be tolerated, not for a moment. This includes anything hateful posted about someone's race, religion, colour, sexuality.. well, you get the gist. What I'm saying is, play nice. =D